We are growing healthily!

Sweden clinic is opening a new health tourism doors in Turkey, with a new system: focused on only customer satisfaction, with concept of” we are growing healthily”. Our professional team, specialist doctors, expert institutions and establishments provide you services in all kinds of health tourism area. Firstly in our region and then in our country Sweden Clinic gave the best health services therefore the Sweden Clinic got a good name in health services in the whole world. Therefore, it will be your health guide in Turkey.

In many countries, varied type of treatment services occurred; high costs, waiting time and exct., these kinds of problems distributed health sector internationally. The improved health services internationally, offers many alternative options to patients. In point of all the improvements internationally on health services we have made a brand new start.

Sweden click is as close as a phone to you with; accommodation, medical services, satisfied prices, travel programs and varied opportunities. You can get all detailed information about health and tourism from our expert team in all languages from you call the number of 0212 215 55 35.

You will take the right step for your health with Turkey’s the modernist, qualities and improved hospitals by specialist doctors. You will be picked up from the airport and will be placed to your hotel by our private translator according to your organized operation and travel plan we will be given you the best guidance.

We support the medical tourism with general tourism services, that is why it is prepared in the rightest way for you. From your arrival to our country you will be given complete services. Also, you will get all the needed consultancy and reservation services from our team.

Only in health tourism area our experienced staff will make all the reservations behalf of your name, because we care your comfort. In cultural and natural trips you can extend your vacation; you can create a route for holiday at the same time health vacation.

The famous Swedish Scientist Professor Hern, who holds the record of achieving the world’s most successful aesthetic surgeries discovered The Swedish Technique.

Every region in our body is unique, this philosophy has been followed and special mathematical calculations have been made to capture and achive natural aesthetic operations.

Compared to other classical techniques , the Swedish technique reduced the symmetry problems of the human body from 47% to 3% , also reduced the heavy, painful and long operation processes and shortened the recovery time. That’s why thousands of known and popular plastic surgeons in Europe preferred to use this technique since its discovered in the first quarter of 2016. For this reason we follow Swedish technique for all of our operations.