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Such development of plastic surgery methods gives us the opportunity to change the points we want in our body. We can make any changes we want in our face, eyes, waist, legs or hands. One of the aesthetic methods that have become quite popular recently is combined aesthetics. Sometimes it may be necessary to perform more than one aesthetic operation at the same time. This can be done at the patient’s own request or in cases where it is necessary from a health point of view. Often, patients prefer to perform other operations, if possible, once they are under general anesthesia.

Combined Surgery Made Together

At the beginning of plastic surgery, which is preferred to be performed at the same time, breast aesthetic operations and liposuction operations come.
Breast reduction or breast augmentation surgery can be combined with fat removal or tummy tuck.
Breast augmentation or reduction operations with arm lift aesthetics
Tummy tuck or tummy tuck operations with butt lift aesthetics,
Leg lift operations with tummy tuck aesthetics,
Face lift and eyelid aesthetics, eyebrow lift, fat injection
Rhinoplasty and lip aesthetics surgery,
Genital region aesthetics and abdominal aesthetics operations,
Facial and rhinoplasty operations with jaw correction operations,
Eyebrow lift, eyelid Aesthetic Surgery and face lift or fat injection surgery are combined aesthetically planned operations.
Multiple Aesthetics At Once
General comments of those who have combined aesthetics are that the fact that more than one problem is solved at once reduces the healing process according to normal. Because when the patient has surgery from two different places, he feels pain in only one place. Thus, when the healing process ends, two surgeries are healed at once. Combined plastic surgery is more convenient in terms of cost. The patient becomes able to get the result he wants as soon as possible. Especially when operations that directly affect each other, such as liposuction and tummy tuck, are performed together, much better results occur. It is more convenient to understand how effective an operation is performed by stretching the hollow skin during fat intake. As a result, the advantage of combined plastic surgery is greater than its disadvantage. If you have decided exactly which plastic surgeries you will have, you can get the look you want in a shorter time, more economically with complete plastic surgeries.

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Operation Features

1 Month Corset Usage
General Anesthesia
Homecoming: 1 Day
Hospitalization: 1 Day
No pain
No Stitch
Processing Time 1-2 Hours
Shower Day 5

Start Planning Your Aesthetic Now

Two out of every three people have their dream thanks to the Swedish Clinic.

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What are the advantages of combined aesthetic operations?
Combined aesthetic operations allow the person to save time. It does not have to go through different healing processes. It allows the results of the aesthetic operations to appear more clearly.
When will I get the look I want?
It will take 1-2 months to reach the desired image after liposuction.
What is the combined aesthetic recovery period?
The healing process varies according to the operation, region and person. It is quite possible to make the disproportionate parts of the body proportional with aesthetic operations.
How to determine combined aesthetic prices?
Combined aesthetic price is a technical issue that cannot be determined as a fixed price. For each operation, first of all, it is necessary to analyze the people by experts. When the procedures required for the area where the surgical procedure will be performed are determined, the compatibility of the areas preferred by the patient with the combined aesthetic mentality is determined.
Is there any harm in combined aesthetics?
There is no harm to the patient. On the contrary, it has great advantages. The patient goes from cost to profit. At the same time, instead of being stressed several times separately, he had the surgery at once and got rid of it at once.
Which areas is it applied to?
It is applied to every part of the body suitable for aesthetics. These; chest, body, face areas.

Clinical Features

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Day 1

The first stage of the operation begins with the preliminary examination. The patient is presented with some forms to fill out. Then, analyzes are made for general controls. At the Swedish Clinic, patient health is our priority. After the physical examination and final controls are completed, the patient is given detailed information about the operation. How the operation will proceed and what you need to know about the process are fully conveyed to the patient at this stage. The operating room is prepared for the operation and the operation begins with the patient's approval. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. After the successfully completed operation, our patient is taken to a separate room. Our specialist doctor and his team make the final checks here and inform the patient about how the operation was performed.

Day 2

You will wake up from a painless sleep on the first morning after the operation. Our nurse team takes special care of you for all kinds of food and beverage and your needs. Uninterrupted sleep is important for you to rest well after the operation. All the details, from bed control to medication follow-up, have been thought of by our team and arranged perfectly. Our specialist doctor and his team will visit you again to make final checks and ask how you are feeling. In addition, new information will be given to you on the second day, and what you need to pay attention to for the future will be explained. With the final checks, the discharge process will begin, as everything is in order.

Day 3

You will have spent your first night after discharge at your own home or hotel. In case of any problem, you can reach our specialist doctor and our experienced health team. You should spend this time resting at home. You should not neglect to wear the corset, if given. Please do not skip this important detail for shaping your body.

Day 4

During this process, you should take your medications and act according to the information conveyed to you when you are discharged. Resting helps shorten the recovery period after surgery. The medicines you use will help you get through this process quickly and not feel any pain. The drain will be attached until the day of the check, but you still do not need to act in this normal way. You can enjoy Istanbul and wander around.

Day 5

Our healthcare team will continue to meet with you and analyze your general condition. Today, you will be able to take your first shower after the operation and you will feel more ready for physical activity. Your check will be done today and the resistors will be removed.

Day 6

You will have made great progress after the operation. The general recovery process after the surgery is considered complete as of this day. You can reach your specialist doctor at any time. Your assigned health counselor will continue to provide daily notifications. You are now ready to return to work and resume your normal life.

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