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Forehead lift aesthetics can be applied to anyone who has realistic expectations in this regard and is in good general health. In this aesthetic operation, excess skin on the forehead is removed, wrinkles in the forehead area and the posture of the eyebrows are changed. If necessary, it can be corrected in the appearance that leads to frowned eyebrows in the person. As a result of forehead lift aesthetics, the person has a younger appearance, the muscles soften. This aesthetic application is useful for problems such as low brow and accretion at the edges of the eyes. Forehead lift aesthetics can be applied when necessary, not only for older people, but also for young people. During this operation, the incision sites are hidden by placing them on the scalp, in some cases on the scalp line. That’s why the marks are unpredictable.

As part of facial rejuvenation, forehead lift, eyelid aesthetics and face lift operations are performed together to ensure face harmony. The effects of aging on a person, the effects that lead to a negative impact on self-confidence can be corrected with aesthetic operations. It can help a person look at the age they feel. People who need eyelid aesthetics and a face lift usually also need forehead lift surgery. The lines on the forehead, which are one of the mimic lines that people have a habit of, deepen over time, increasing its effect and leading to horizontal, vertical lines. This appearance makes the person look older, but also tired.

Before forehead lift aesthetics

A detailed examination of the patient before the operation is performed by the plastic surgeon. The person’s face, skin structure and scalp line are evaluated. In addition, by questioning the person’s medical resume, health problems that will increase the risks of this operation are evaluated. Problems that may occur as a result of a forehead lift are discussed. After that, when a decision is made about forehead lift surgery, the technique to be used in the operation, the type of anesthesia, at which medical institution the operation will be performed, its complications and prices for forehead lift are made by the plastic surgeon.

Can be done together with forehead lift aesthetics
Thanks to the forehead lift, the eyebrows can be raised at a certain rate as the person wants. This operation is mostly performed in combination with Face Lift aesthetics, where excess skin on the face is removed, the lower and middle parts are tightened. If a person has sagging upper eyelid, a bag has occurred in their custody, the person may also have surgery around the eye. During the examination before the operation, the forehead and upper eyelid are evaluated by looking at the muscle movements of the person during the facial expressions Nov. By taking into account details such as low brows, facial proportions, excess skin on the upper eyelid, where the hair starts on the forehead, the appropriate technique for the operation is determined.

Non-surgical forehead lift methods
Among those who do not choose to have surgery due to problems in the forehead area, there are alternative methods of forehead stretching without surgery. Among them, Ulthera, Botox and fractional laser applications are the most commonly used. Botox is a method that allows temporary forehead wrinkles to disappear for up to 6 months. The Ulthera method, which destroys the wrinkles of the forehead area in a single session without surgery, allows the application with a 1.5 mm head. Carbon dioxide fractional laser application also helps to eliminate forehead wrinkles thanks to a 3-session application. In these methods, it produces easy solutions for Forehead Wrinkles. If a person does not have more problems than a percentage, they can only choose these applications.

How is forehead lift surgery performed?
Surgery can be performed with different techniques for forehead lift. In these operations, the location of the incision and the length of the incision may be different. In the most commonly used technique, the coronal incision site is opened in the operation. This incision is 5 cm apart from the natural line between the hair and skin. In addition, an incision can be made over the full scalp line. If these incision sites are used during a forehead lift, subsequent healing of the operation will be easier. At the same time, if necessary, the scalp line can be shifted up or down. Among the new techniques used during forehead lift aesthetics is endoscopic forehead lift operation. Operations are performed with a camera and monitor placed in several 1-2 cm incision places that open into the scalp. This method also significantly reduces the loss of sensation. Forehead lift operation usually takes between 1.5-2 hours. Patients can return home if there are no problems after surgery. Because the stitches made at the incision sites remain inside the hair, they do not remain visible scars in patients.

After forehead lift surgery
Swelling and bruising may occur in the forehead area after the operation. The spread of these effects to the cheeks and around the eyes should also be considered normal. In this process, keeping the head high, applying cold to the area will reduce the effects and shorten the recovery. Felt on the forehead, which is effective in the first times, will soon lose its effect in feelings such as stinging. Removal of stitches made at the incision sites takes 7-8 days. The dressing around the head is removed the day after the operation. Patients must follow their doctor’s recommendations during the healing process. This process continues for up to ten days. After that, except for heavy activities, the person can return to his normal life.

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Operation Features

General Anesthesia
Homecoming: 1 Day
Hospitalization: 1 Day
No pain
No Stitch
No Traces of Surgery
Processing Time: 1 Hour
Resist Attached
Shower: Day 3

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Is there any loss of sensation after the operation?
There may be a temporary loss of sensation for a short time.
When are the bandages removed after the operation?
It is removed after 2 to 3 days.
When are the stitches removed?
After about 1 week, the stitches are removed.
Can forehead lift surgery be repeated?
Yes, the forehead lift operation can be performed again if desired.
Will there be pain after the operation?
Only a few days, there may be mild pain. This is valid for all surgical operations. There is no pain that will negatively affect daily life.
Do bandages cause respiratory problems?
A bandage is applied so that the mouth and nose are out. There is no respiratory difficulty.
Can those who have had botox before have forehead lift surgery?
Yes, the botox process does not create any obstacles.
When to exercise after surgery?
You can do sports and exercise after 2 weeks.

Clinical Features

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Day 1
Day 1

The first stage of the operation begins with the preliminary examination. The patient is presented with some forms to fill out. Then, analyzes are made for general controls. At the Swedish Clinic, patient health is our priority. After the physical examination and final controls are completed, the patient is given detailed information about the operation. How the operation will proceed and what you need to know about the process are fully conveyed to the patient at this stage. The operating room is prepared for the operation and the operation begins with the patient's approval. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. After the successfully completed operation, our patient is taken to a separate room. Our specialist doctor and his team make the final checks here and inform the patient about how the operation was performed. Our patient is kept under follow-up for 1 night for general control and monitoring.Thus, the sleeping phase is passed.

Day 2

The first morning after the operation, you will wake up from a nice and painless sleep. Our nurse team takes special care of you for all kinds of food and beverage and your needs. Uninterrupted sleep is important for you to rest well after the operation. All the details, from bed control to medication follow-up, have been thought of by our team and arranged perfectly. Our specialist doctor and his team will visit you again to make final checks and ask how you are feeling. In addition, new information will be given to you on the second day, and you will be told what you need to pay attention to in the future. With the final checks, the discharge process will begin, as everything is in order.

Day 3

You will have spent your first night in your own home after discharge. In case of any problem, you can reach our specialist doctor and our experienced health team. You should spend this time resting at home. You have not yet rested enough for post-operative recovery.

Day 4

You must continue to rest at home. During this process, you should take your medications and act according to the information conveyed to you when you are discharged. Resting well helps to shorten the recovery period after surgery. The medicines you use will help you get through this process quickly and not feel any pain.

Day 5

Our healthcare team will continue to meet with you and analyze your general condition. Today, you will be able to take your first shower after the operation and you will feel more ready for physical activity. You still need to continue to rest. You must fully comply with the recommendations of our health team for you.

Day 6

You will have made great progress after the operation. The general recovery process after the surgery is considered complete as of this day. You can reach your specialist doctor at any time. Your assigned health counselor will continue to provide daily notifications. You're ready to go back to work, but we remind you that the more rest you get, the better it will be for you.

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