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About Operation

When called labioplasty, it is mostly meant to eliminate defects related to the inner lips rather than the outer lips. Labia minora is larger than normal or sagging due to various reasons is one of the most common genital aesthetic problems. During labioplasty, excess tissue in the overgrown or sagging inner lips is removed by a specialist doctor and the labiums are reshaped.

The inner lips, which are structurally normal in size, droop due to multiple births, traumas during vaginal birth, hormonal changes due to menopause, rapid weight loss and other reasons, and the outer lips become unable to completely close the inner lips. In women who have never given birth and whose congenital labia minoru is of normal size, sagging may also occur due to a decrease in subcutaneous adipose tissue with the progression of age. In some women, one or both of the inner lips of the vagina are structurally (genetic feature) larger than normal and constitute an asymmetric appearance. For this reason, Aesthetic Surgery is needed.

To whom can labioplasty be applied?
It can be applied if sagging in the inner lips of the vagina has reached a level that will negatively affect the quality of life of a person, or if labioplasty has become a medical requirement. If the doctor deems it appropriate, an obstacle to surgical intervention can be applied to adult women of any age who do not have another disease. As it can be applied for sagging formed after birth, women who have never given birth can have labioplasty surgery as an examination to regain their self-confidence.

After labioplasty:
After surgery, bleeding is not expected, rarely only in the form of leakage on the suture line and very light bleeding in the style of spotting can be seen.
Stitches in the area fall within 10-15 days, depending on the type of sewing material used.
Complications after the procedure are usually not seen. Complications such as infection, tissue damage, bleeding are possible complications after all surgical procedures. For this reason, labioplasty must be performed by a specialist doctor under sterile conditions and in medical institutions with the necessary equipment.
In the first days after surgery, the vulva may be completely swollen, reddened and sensitive due to edema. Cold compress application as recommended by your doctor is provided to eliminate edema in the area.
Although it varies from patient to patient, you can usually return to work the day after the procedure.
Since labiums are a blood-rich area, healing of the wound is also completed quickly
If no complications are formed, the total recovery of the area is usually 2 to 3 weeks.

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Operation Features

Local Anesthesia
No Need To Stay In Hospital
No pain
No Stitch
Processing Time 30 min
Shower: Day 3

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Is there any loss of sensation after inner lip sagging surgery?
There is no loss of sensation in the operation area.
Is there an age limit for labiaplasty?
Women over the age of 18 can have labiaplasty surgery of their own accord.
When to start sexual life after labiaplasty?
The process after genital plastic surgery may vary according to the tissue healing of the person. Generally, it is necessary to wait 4 weeks after the operation for sexual intercourse.
Does edema occur after labiaplasty?
A temporary edema occurs due to the procedure performed after labiaplasty surgery. The edema that occurs during the healing process gradually decreases. In order to prevent edema, ice applications are recommended at certain intervals in the first days after the operation.

Clinical Features

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Day 1

The first stage of the operation begins with the preliminary examination. The patient is presented with some forms to fill out. Then, analyzes are made for general controls. At the Swedish Clinic, patient health is our priority. After the physical examination and final controls are completed, the patient is given detailed information about the operation. How the operation will proceed and what you need to know about the process are fully conveyed to the patient at this stage. The operating room is prepared for the operation and the operation begins with the patient's approval. The operation is performed under local anesthesia. After the successfully completed operation, our patient is taken to a separate room. Our specialist doctor and his team perform the final checks here, inform the patient about how the operation was performed, and discharge him.

Day 2

In the first days after surgery, the vulva may be completely swollen, red and tender due to edema. Cold compress application as recommended by your doctor ensures the removal of edema in the area. You can compress from time to time. There is no harm in returning to work the day after the operation.

Day 3

In case of any problem, you can reach our specialist doctor and our experienced health team. While taking a shower, you should be careful not to get that area wet.

Day 4

During this process, you should take your medications and act according to the information conveyed to you when you are discharged. Rest helps to shorten the recovery period after surgery. The medicines you use will help you get through this process quickly and not feel any pain. You can now fully return to your normal life.

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