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The nose is one of the aesthetically important organs on the face. Apart from aesthetics, he also undertook various tasks. It is the place where breathing begins, the nose is effective for smell, the formation of a personalized sound. It is between the doors of the body that open outwards. It is in a whole state with its functions and aesthetic appearance. For this reason, the nose should be treated both inside and outside. On the side walls of the nose, there are structures called nasal flesh (Concha). The inner part of these structures consists of spongy soft tissue, while the outer part of the bone skeleton. Nasal flesh (conchae) is rich in veins.

What Is Nasal Flesh (Concha)? Does it cause snoring?
The flesh of the nose is found in the upper, middle and lower parts of the nose, including 3 pieces. Their task is to heat, moisten, filter and transmit the air drawn to the lungs. Conchas, consisting of soft tissue and bone, swell when the air is cold, allowing blood to fill the vessels inside it, and allow the air taken from the nose to be ready for breathing.

In some cases, the middle and lower parts of the nose meat grow more than necessary. Growth of nasal flesh is usually observed in pregnancy, allergic reactions, and curvature of the nasal bone. In addition, certain medications, environmental factors, and certain infections lead to growth in the flesh of the nose. Growth of conchas leads to breathing problems while sleeping or during the day. This, in turn, often causes snoring. It causes dry mouth and bad breath. It is possible to end them with this operation.

What Is Nose Surgery? How Is It Done?
Nose surgery is usually performed under local or general anesthesia. One of the methods is surgery to ignore the nasal flesh, that is, to completely cut and remove the nasal flesh. After this method, the humidification and filtration of the inhaled air will be insufficient, so the removal process is not completely performed unless necessary.
If there are no problems with the nasal bone, the nose is resorted to shrinking the flesh. The latest technological product developed for this purpose is laser nose meat surgery. In one session and the final result is taken. In nasal flesh reduction surgery, it is aimed to preserve the structure of the concha surface to a great extent.

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Operation Features

General Anesthesia
Homecoming: 1 Day
Hospitalization: 1 Day
No pain
Processing Time: 1 Hour
Shower: Day 3

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What is Nose Flesh?
The tissues that provide air flow in the nose and are defined as airway air conditioners among the people are the nasal concha. The air that will reach the lungs is filtered in terms of moisture and heat thanks to these tissues.
What are the Causes of Nasal Flesh Growth?
The causes of nasal flesh enlargement can be listed as follows;

Hormonal changes
Weather changes
Air pollution
What Causes Nasal Enlargement?
The most obvious complaint of nasal concha enlargement is the inability to breathe adequately. At the same time, due to insufficient air flow, problems such as snoring, insomnia and fatigue that negatively affect daily life comfort arise
How is Nose Reduction Surgery Performed?
As mentioned above, nasal flesh growth reduces the quality of life of a person. At the same time, various heart diseases can occur as a result of the body not getting enough oxygen in the long term. Today, surgical procedures can be applied in the treatment of this problem. With the radio frequency method, the nasal flesh tissue can be reached to its normal size in a very short time.
In Which Situations Is Nose Reduction Surgery Performed?
Surgery should be considered in cases where drug therapy is not sufficient and nasal congestion persists. The turbinate is a functional organ found in everyone and for the body. However, if the turbinate enlarges abnormally, it is reduced to normal sizes by surgery.
How is Laser Nasal Reduction Surgery Performed?
A single application under general anesthesia is sufficient. Moderate and advanced turbinate swelling can be treated in laser nasal concha surgery.

Clinical Features

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Day 1

The first stage of the operation begins with the preliminary examination. The patient is presented with some forms to fill out. Then, analyzes are made for general controls. At the Swedish Clinic, patient health is our priority. After the physical examination and final controls are completed, the patient is given detailed information about the operation. How the operation will proceed and what you need to know about the process are fully conveyed to the patient at this stage. The operating room is prepared for the operation and the operation begins with the patient's approval. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. After the successfully completed operation, our patient is taken to a separate room. Our specialist doctor and his team make the final checks here and inform the patient about how the operation is performed. Our patient is kept under follow-up for 1 night for general control and monitoring.Thus, the sleeping phase is passed.

Day 2

The first morning after the operation, you will wake up from a nice and painless sleep. Our nurse team takes special care of you for all kinds of food and beverage and your needs. Uninterrupted sleep is important for you to rest well after the operation. All the details, from bed control to medication follow-up, have been thought of by our team and arranged perfectly. Our specialist doctor and his team will visit you again to make final checks and ask how you are feeling. In addition, new information will be given to you on the second day, and you will be told what you need to pay attention to in the future. With the final checks, the discharge process will begin, as everything is in order.

Day 3

You will have spent your first night after discharge at your own home or hotel. In case of any problem, you can reach our specialist doctor and our experienced health team. You should spend this time resting at home.

Day 4

You must continue to rest at home. During this process, you should take your medications and act according to the information conveyed to you when you are discharged. Resting well helps to shorten the recovery period after surgery. The medicines you use will help you get through this process quickly and not feel any pain.

Day 5

Our healthcare team will continue to meet with you and analyze your general condition. Today, you will be able to take your first shower after the operation and you will feel more ready for physical activity. You still need to continue to rest. You must fully comply with the recommendations of our health team for you. You will be checked by the doctor and the silicone pad will be removed on the 5th day.

Day 6

You will have made great progress after the operation. The general recovery process after the surgery is considered complete as of this day. You can reach your specialist doctor at any time. Your assigned health counselor will continue to provide daily notifications. You're ready to go back to work, but we remind you that the more rest you get, the better it will be for you.

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